Notes: why is madame schachter significant in the novel night?

Oma Thiel asked a question: Notes: why is madame schachter significant in the novel night?
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📚 Why is madame schachter significant in the novel night?

I would say that Madame Schachter is an important character because she reflects the cruelty that the victims of the Holocaust displayed toward one another. In his speech, "The Perils of...

📚 Why does madame schachter scream in the book night?

Like Moshe the Beadle, Madame Schachter's presence in the narrative is a quick one, but it is one that lingers. When she starts screaming on the train, Wiesel displays the callous and brutal ...

📚 In the book night what did madame schachter see in her vision?

Madame Schachter saw a vision on Jews burning and fire, leading to her screaming out in anguish and trying to tell everyone around her what she saw. Hope this helps :)

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Madame Schächter - A Jewish woman from Sighet who is deported in the same cattle car as Eliezer. Madame Schächter is taken for a madwoman when, every night, she screams that she sees furnaces in the distance. She proves to be a prophetess, however, as the trains soon arrive at the crematoria of Auschwitz.

Night Madame Schächter 's visions of fire, after she has gone mad during the train ride to Auschwitz, are symbolic of the Nazi's power to deliver death to many of the Jews riding with her in the cattle car.

Madame Schächter, a middle-aged woman who is on the train with her ten-year-old son, soon cracks under the oppressive treatment to which the Jews are subjected. On the third night, she begins to scream that she sees a fire in the darkness outside the car.

I would say that Madame Schachter is an important character because she reflects the cruelty that the victims of the Holocaust displayed toward one another. In his speech, "The Perils of...

Madame Schächter is a character introduced relatively early in the novel Night (by Elie Wiesel). Madame Schächter is a woman who is on the same train as Elie (as a result of the moving of the...

What is the significance of "night" in the novel "Night"? Cite some examples from the story. Expert Answers ... Why is Madame Schachter significant in the novel Night? 1 Educator answer.

Explain the purpose of Mrs. Schächter in the book Night by Elie Wiesel. 2 Educator answers. Night… Why is Madame Schachter significant in the novel Night? 1 Educator answer.

Madame Schachter is a Jewish mother on the train with Elie with her son. She is in her fifties, and she was separated from her husband and other two sons accidently when the Jews were deported. That experience shattered her and left her emotionally broken. Thus, the state she is in while on the train with Elie is not a good one.

Mrs. Schächter screamed about fire in the boxcar on the way to Auschwitz. During the transport to Auschwitz, a middle-aged woman begins hallucinating. She starts screaming about fire, and her...

Answered by Aslan 4 years ago 1/26/2017 10:01 AM Madame Schachter had been separated from her husband and two older sons earlier and is now beginning to lose her mind.Since Madame Schaechter's hysterical shrieks was unnerving everyone in the car, he recognizes that it was necessary for their collective survival that she be silenced.

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