A good birth audio book summary?

Julianne Collins asked a question: A good birth audio book summary?
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📚 A good birth audio book?

Experienced doula and Active Birth associate Nicole Croft takes the fear out of labour and childbirth in this empowering and practical guide. Full of wise advice and simple skills to prepare you mentally and physically, Nicole tells you everything you need to know to ensure you have a very positive experience giving birth, whether you labour naturally or require medical intervention.

📚 A good birth audio book club?

1. BROWSE - Explore titles in any of these 8 Audiobook Clubs ("Best of" Audiobook Club, Romance, Mystery & Thriller, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Health & Wellness, Business & Economics, Kids, Religion & Spirituality) 2. SELECT - Choose which Club you want to redeem your monthly Audiobooks.com membership credit towards. Just one credit gets you 30 days of unlimited listening to the audiobooks in your ...

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This free audio book comes from Lit2Go, which is the University of South Florida's massive collection of free audio literature on MP3 download. They are all narrated by quality voice actors it seems and we've added a lot of their audio books to LearnOutLoud.com. Crime and Punishment by the great Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky is the second ...

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This book covers topics such as what your options for birth are, different types of health care providers, different types of birth settings, OB training and belief system, how to find a provider, questions to ask your provider and hospital, cesareans: why they are popular and when are they medically necessary?, getting support, the nurses role, childbirth support, doulas, and the woman's emotions.

This interesting book attempts to take a closer look at what makes a "good birth," beyond the two extremes of "completely natural and intervention free" on one hand, and "any birth that results in a healthy baby is a good birth" on the other.

The book brought much validation for my own grieving of the good birth I have missed in both of my labors and answered many research questions I had about the biopsychosocial loss some women experience after a negative childbirth experience.

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"Born to Be Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life", by Dacher Keltner, is a book by a UC-Berkeley professor of psychology; it's about how and why people are able to be good and/or happy. Dacher Keltner's "Born to Be Good" is in a whole different world, emotionally, than what you see in the daily news.

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Good Book Summary is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

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Duration of the summary (audio): 16M33S (4.2 MB) Description or summary of the audiobook: 'I would like now to write a practical book that will cover three topics: boats, the sea, and the beachcombing life.' These were the thought of Bernard Moitessier after he finished writing his last book, Tamata and the Alliance, while in Polynesia.

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At one point, David Goggins weighed 300 pounds (136 kg). Again, Goggins reached a moment when he realized he had to change. At 4 a.m. one evening, Goggins sprayed a nest of cockroaches occupying a filthy restaurant, only to be swarmed by hundreds of the cockroaches.

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Jahn, in Narratology: A Guide to the Theory of Narrative, states that an overt narrator is “one who refers to him/herself in the first person (“I”, “we” etc.), one who directly or indirectly addresses the narratee” (N 3.1.4).In Don Quixote, this is true of both the first narrator, who is responsible for writing the history until the battle with the Basque, and the second narrator ...

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Why We're All Romans is a decent enough read on the classical intellectual legacy. Chapters usually begin by highlighting Greek precursors, then moving on to the Roman contributions, and concluding with its impact on European and American civilization. The prose is engaging enough, and a few obligatory maps and photographs are included.

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Will Our Love Last?: A Couple's Road Map A Couple's Road Map Sam R. Hamburg, Author, Samuel R. Hamburg, Author Scribner Book Company $23 (240p) ISBN 978-0-684-86491-4

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