2015asjake: how is se7en a thriller?

Marc Parker asked a question: 2015asjake: how is se7en a thriller?
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The title sequence of the film ‘Se7en’ is a conventional thriller sequence. The major use of black, white and red in the sequence is a typical thriller convention, which evokes tension and feelings of danger for the viewer. The elements of the fast paced splicing, where the camera changes angles and scenes rapidly, accompanied by…

Although Se7en is a thriller, the organisation of the narrative is chronological. ‘Se7en’ is a psychological/crime scene thriller. Thriller plots are commonly difficult to follow as the narrative is usually very puzzling but the chronological narrative allows the audience to indentify with both detectives and solve the puzzle.

Unlike most Thrillers, the film depends on the antagonists character to portray its psychological aspects in the film. His crimes are done in the intention 'to better mankind' with a motive to eradicate 'sinners'. What is interesting about the character’s of Se7en, is that despite their contrasting viewpoints.

Se7en is a Psychological Thriller, although some argue that it also contains features of a Horror film. It revolves around a set of crimes being committed using the seven deadly sins as inspiration. For example, for gluttony, a man is force fed until he dies. This type of dark content is one of the reasons many people consider the film to be a ...

The thriller genre is a popular genre within the film industry for filmmakers and audiences alike. I will be analysing the conventions of a thriller and how this is present in the film Se7en. I will also investigate the marco elements, (including narrative techniques and representation), as well as mirco elements, (cinematography and sound for instance).

As Se7en is a crime/psychological thriller, techinques such as suspense, action, lighting is used to create dark tones within the film following the dark manner of the film. Suspense is used to give a dramatic tension once the scene is building up to who the killer is, and when the audience see who the killer is.

Their are many sub genres under thrillers including: comedy thriller, crime thriller, Erotic thriller and spy thriller. Common themes throughout thrillers involve kidnappers, murders and ransoms. Se7en follows a similar plot to most thrillers in that the main storyline involves a mystery that needs to be solved, in this case the mystery of the seven sins.

Today Jack and John breakdown David Fincher's Seven. They discuss what makes the movie so good while breaking down the themes and characters. They also give ...

But this nerve-jangling thriller… is no period piece.’’ (Peter Travers) ‘’Se7en, a grisly social allegory drawn in blood and spawned in despair, casts a lingering , malodorous spell.’’ (Rita Kempley). One of the factors that I believe leads to the success of the film is the constant suspense that is built throughout the entire film.

Se7en has very evident aspects of a thriller, which will be discussed in this essay through each key aspect. This includes the three key aspects; narrative, genre and representation. Director of ‘Se7en’ David Fincher, who has also directed other thrillers; Alien 3 (1992), The Game (1997), Panic Room (2002) and also Zodiac (2007), proving his experience in thrillers and how to denote ...

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